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Directions to Kuna Cave

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Saturday, 20 May 2006

I was dying to find Kuna Cave once I heard about it. We passed Kuna Cave Road a few times without seeing any signs telling us where the cave is.

We found out the official stance at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is that the public should be discouraged from visiting the site. However, it's public land, and I found some official documents online showing the location. Since I believe public land should be for the benefit of the public, not just a select few who happen to be "in the know" I've posted the relevant pages here. If you visit the caves, be sure to take care of it--don't litter or deface anything. In fact, clean it up if you find it littered. And of course, be careful and bring a flashlight!

I took my six kids (ages 7 to 13) into it with no problem. I plan to go back with a trash bag next time and make a family "volunteer" project out of it. Here is a Google satellite link showing the entrance to the cave. Zoom out and click over to map view to get your bearings. The best access seems to be where Poen Rd. dead-ends at Swan Falls Rd. Go through the unmarked opening in the Bureau of Land Management fence. Hang a sharp right and follow the fence until you see a faint trail heading west. Follow that until you reach the base of the hill (AKA Kuna Butte) and hang a left until you see the steel ladder sticking up out of the ground.

Don't let kids play at the mouth of the cave, of course. It's a twenty foot drop or more to the floor.

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